Art in the 1920s!

Figure Five in Gold by Charles Demuth
this video is just a precurser to show the changes from the end of WWI to the 1920's

The 1920’s was a time of great change in our country. Having just come out of WWI the American people are starting to take a different approach to life; doing away with the old conservative beliefs and starting to live more freely and impulsively. Economically we as a country was prospering people were living more extravagantly and it looked as if there was no end in site. Politically our country was coming out of a time of war and instead of focusing on issues abroad we began to focus on the problems that were facing us at home. Socially things were changing dramatically women we rejecting their classic roles in society and taking on new endeavors and living more freely. As for the African American community the Harlem Renaissance was going on which brought attention to black arts that were over looked in the past few years. All of these things lead to the explosion of creativity that is the 1920’s each aspect of society heavily influence the style and the subject matter of the art. And this was not true just for art but music and literature to looking at the Great Gatsby you will see many of the same themes repeated in F. Scott Fitzgerald classic. But to really understand and realize the depth of the influence that the time had on its art you must explore deeper into each style.

Political, Social and Economic effects and influences

The circumstances under which theese styles of art came out of is very importatnt. If you look at the 1920's it is a very unique time in our country it was a time period where the United States as a whole was prospering and also a time of peace around the world because WWI just ended a few years earlier. The politics of the time were focused around domestic issue such as prohibition. Art and politics of this time didnt clash nor influence each other. The Harlem Renaissance is the only art style that had any real political meaning and that was the push for equal rights for African Americans. Each and everyone of theese styles had a great social influence. Precisionism for example is influenced by the modernization and industrialzation of cour country, the Harlem Renaissance is a social movement all in its own, Art Deco was greatly impacted by the extravagance of the era and it also lead to many of the new architectual structures. Probably the style that was most influenced by society was American Scene Painting this style simply took a look at american life and put it on paper it. The economic status of the country was very important for the explosion of creativity, in this environment people didn't need to worry about the economy so therefore thier creativity could be nurtured. The economy also made people look towards the high life the buildings the clothing the jewlery which had a major imapact on the Art Deco movement. Believe it or not art and liturature during this time conesided take the Great Gatsby for example those same themes and ideas are shared and also in the book many different pieces from this time were sited. Overall without this environment that was around during the 1920's i don't believe any of this would of came about because art can't thrive when it doesn't have influence.

Popular styles of art in the 1920s:

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(Precisionism) (The Harlem Renaissance)(American Scene Painting)(Art Deco)


(Precisonism was an art form exclusive to the united states that used geometrical shapes that many times depicted a modernized industrial landscape.)

The Harlem Renaissance

(The Harlem Renaissance was a movement in the African American community that delt with everything from Art to politics.)

American Scene Painting

(American Sence Painting was a movement that laste into the 1940's and depicted everyday america life.)

Art Deco

(Art Deco is a style that is usually refered to when talking about architecture but is also applied in painting, clothing and ferniture.)

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