Algonquin Round Table


The Algonquin Round Table was a highly regarded group of New York City writers, critics, and actors. Gathering originally as a practical joke, members of "The Vicious Circle," as they called themselves, gathered for lunch each day at the Algonquin Hotel from 1919 until roughly 1929. In these luncheons the Round Table took part in wisecracks, wordplay and jokes that, through the newspaper columns of Round Table members, were read across the country. In its years of congregating, the Round Table acquired national regards both for their contributions to literature and their wit. Although some of their members spoke out against the group, its reputation and legacy has long endured even after its ending.


In addition to the daily luncheons, members of the Round Table worked and associated with each quite frequently. The group was devoted to games such as cribbage and poker. The group even had its own poker club, the Thanatopsis Literary and Inside Straight Club. The group also played charades. Members often visited Neshobe Island, a private island co-owned by several members, located on several acres in Vermont. There they would engage in their usual array of games plus croquet. A number of member were even practical jokers, pulling pranks on one another. This is were Dorothy Parker had here famed quote on horticulture, " You can lead a whore to culture but you can't make her think." It is with these whimsical activities that the club created such memorable slogans and remarks that lasted many years to come.


  • Franklin Pierce Adams, columnist
  • Robert Benchley, humorist and actor
  • Heywood Broun, columnist and sportswriter
  • Marc Connelly, playwright
  • George S. Kaufman, playwright and director
  • Dorothy Parker, critic, poet, short-story writer, and screenwriter
  • Harold Ross, The New Yorker editor
  • Robert Sherwood, author and playwright
  • John Peter Toohey, publicist
  • Alexander Woollcott, critic and journalist
  • Tallulah Bankhead, actress
  • Edna Ferber, author and playwright
  • Jane Grant, journalist and feminist
  • Ruth Hale, journalist and feminist
  • Beatrice Kaufman, editor and playwright
  • Harpo Marx, comedian and actor
  • Neysa McMein, magazine illustrator
  • Donald Ogden Stewart, playwright and screenwriter
  • Deems Taylor, composer




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