• archibald.jpgArchibald MacLeish's collection Streets in the Moon publishes "Ars Poetica."
  • uewb_07_img0486.jpgEdna St. Vincent Millay's collection The Buck in the Snow and Other Poems publishes "On Hearing a Symphony of Beethoven."
  • william-butler-yeats.gifWilliam Butler Yeast's collection The Tower publishes "Sailing to Byzantium."
  • 49.jpgMaya Angelou is born.
  • portraitspiegel.jpgThomas Hardy dies.
  • sexton25.jpgAnne Sexton is born.
  • elinore-wylie.jpgElinor Wylie dies.
  • 200px-Edwin_Arlington_Robinson.jpgThe Pulitzer Prize in poetry is awarded to Edwin Arlington Robinson for his collection Tristam.

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