• moore.gifMarianne Moore's first published collection is called Poems.
  • langston_hughes5.jpgThe June issue of "Crisis" publishes Langston Hughes' "Negro Speaks of Rivers," which is later put into Hughes' collection called The Weary Blues.
  • 3402082.jpg"The Second Coming," by William Butler Yeast's is published in his collection called Micheal Robartes and the Dancer, one of his collections.
  • WylieElinor.jpgElinor Wylie's Nets to Catch the Wind collection publishes "Puritan Sonnet" and "Velvet Shoes."
  • Wcwilliams.jpgWilliam Carlos William's collection Sour Grapes publishes "Winter Trees."
  • wilbur_r_01.jpgRichard Wilbur is born.

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